Things to consider while buying a CPU for video editing

Things to consider while buying a CPU for video editing

Video editing, visual effects, and animation jobs require a high-end PC to keep things running smoothly and avoid wasting time waiting for projects to render and getting the final output.

That’s why it’s important to know the specs for video editing computer that can efficiently handle these tasks, which are some of the most hardware-intensive processes for the average PC user.

It doesn’t matter whether you are using Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid, Davinci Resolve, or any other video editing application among the millions of applications available. It all works on a computer.

This guide provides all the information you need to build a video editing PC powerful enough to handle your workload without wasting money on unnecessary features. You’ll get the same performance you need without breaking the bank by building your editing PC.

Choose hardware components for video editing

Processor for video editing

The processor is the essential component of the CPU, so it should get the most significant share of your overall budget.  Rendering imported raw footage so you can manipulate it in software, performing video manipulation in software, adding effects to your footage, and finally encoding and rendering footage all requires a powerful processor.

Graphics card for video editing

One thing to know is that graphics cards still don’t have a massive impact on performance when editing video. Some effects and occasional decoding/encoding may be GPU accelerated. However, graphics cards at different price points will have a similar performance.

Quadro graphics cards are workstation-grade GPUs. The only advantage they have over GeForce or Radeon cards is higher VRAM. Higher VRAM is helpful for high-resolution workflows, like working with 4k or 8k footage.

However, given their price, the cost-benefit ratio is not very good compared to Geforce or Radeon cards, especially for budget builds. Like workstation processors, Nvidia Quadro graphics cards can cost as much.


RAM is the memory that video editing software uses to store temporary video data.

All the actions you perform in the workspace, and when you playback in your timeline, your RAM will be constantly used because the processor decodes, encodes, and recovers all the calculations it performs.

Since these calculations are performed very quickly, they cannot be stored on hard disks, as this would create unbearable lags.

Only one answer to this subject: To have enough

16 GB of RAM is a minimum, sufficient for small projects with resolutions lower than 2K, but as soon as you get to larger images with resolutions greater than or equal to 2K, you should get 32 ​​GB or more.

Get 64 GB of RAM or more if you work with RED, 10-bit images, or 4K, 8K resolutions.

Storage space

This should be at the top of your shopping list if you can save the money to get an NVMe SSD. These SSDs offer excellent speed, especially when working with large images.

Get SATA SSD drives for your operating system, software, and hard drives.


The motherboard is the center that connects all the components. It “just” has to adapt to the other components. ATX is the most popular motherboard size and will fit in an ATX-sized computer case.

Once you have selected the processor, you can narrow down the number of compatible motherboards by choosing the socket that suits your processor.

Almost every standard size ATX motherboard has enough PCIe slots for your graphics card and any additional cards, enough SATA connectors for your drives. Usually, it comes with 4-6+ USB ports for whatever else you might need for the plugin.

Computer case

Make sure your case is big enough to hold your components. However, any ATX tower can do the trick for you if needed.

Final Words

If you’re serious about your video editing career or just a hobbyist looking to take a look at your video editing career, you need the right tools to get started.

Having a good computer is the first step. Here we’ve reviewed some of the best desktop computers for video editing and talked about finding the proper hardware to get you started.

Best Ranger Spells in 5E Ranked

Best Ranger Spells in 5E Ranked

Are you searching for the best magic spells of Ranger in 5e? Then you have landed on the right page. We went through each and every spell available for Ranger and came out with this list.

Also, rangers do not get cantrips and they have some other strong options with higher-level spells. You can get a detailed review of 5e ranger spells in this article. So without any further, here we go with our 5 Best Ranger Spells of 5E ranked.

5 Best Ranger Spells

1. Goodberry

One will get up to ten berries in their hand, which is infused with magic power. By consuming the berry, it helps to restore your hit point. It provides you enough nourishment to sustain your day.

  • Level: 1st
  • School: Transmutation
  • Range: Touch
  • Casting Time: One Action
  • Duration: Instantaneous
  • Components: Verbal, Somatic, Material (a spring of mistletoe)

2. Cure Wounds

From this spell, if you touch any creature it will regain a lot of hit points. Nearly 1d8+ points increase with your spell-casting ability modifier. If the spell is used on an undead creature, it takes 3d10 radiant damage instead.

  • Level: 1st
  • School: Evocation
  • Range: Touch
  • Casting Time: One Action
  • Duration: Instantaneous
  • Components: Verbal, Somatic

3. Silence

There will be no sound until the duration ends, and you can pass through it in a 20ft radius within range.

  • Level: 2nd
  • School: Illusion
  • Range: 120 Feet
  • Casting Time: One Action
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 10 Minutes
  • Components: Verbal, Somatic

4. Spike Growth

Creating a difficult terrain for others to move through, hard spike and the thorns sprout up out of the ground. You have to cast spike growth, when the character is not in the area, to make a perception check against your spell.

  • Level: 2nd
  • School: Transmutation
  • Range: 150 Feet
  • Casting Time: One Action
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 10 Minutes
  • Components: Verbal, Somatic, Material (seven sharp thorns or seven sharpened twigs)

5. Hunter’s Mark

With Hunter’s mark spell, one can choose a creature that can see within a range and mystically mark it as your quarry. You can deal an extra 1d6 damage until the duration ends. When you use a weapon attack you have an advantage on WIS saving throw.

  • Level: 1st
  • School: Divination
  • Range: 90 Feet
  • Casting Time: 1 Bonus Action
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 1 Hour
  • Components: Verbal


These are the 5 best ranger spells in 5e ranked. I hope this article was helpful. If we have missed any of your favorite spells, let us know in the comment section given below.

Best Kodi Builds For Amazon Firestick 2019

Best Kodi Builds For Amazon Firestick 2019

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a streaming software that can be used to stream Movies, TV shows, Live TV, Sports, News and much more. Kodi supports most of the popular OS platforms and can be installed in all the popular devices.

Kodi is available for direct installation on Windows, Android, iOS, OSx, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. However, Kodi can’t be installed directly on FIrestick. As it’s not available on the Amazon App store, one should sideload to install Kodi on Firestick.

Kodi build makes the process easy to get all the best add-ons for your firestick. In this article, we have listed the best Kodi builds you can install them in your Firestick without any problem.

Best Kodi Builds for Firestick

Kodi is best with their add-ons. Using these builds on your Firestick provides you an excellent experience. Make sure that you have enabled “Install from unknown sources”. If not, you can enable them by click on the settings tab and move the slider for Unknown sources to ON and click OK when the warning message pops-out. Here we go with the Top Kodi builds for FIrestick.

1. Titanium Build

Even though it is launched recently it is one of the best builds for Kodi. With movies, LiveTV, and Live sports, they also include add-ons like Stream Hub and more. It is rated one of the best performing add-ons out in the market, even it is capable of being installed on devices with minimal quality specs.

2. Misfit Mod Lite

If you’d like to stream Live TV, sports, music, and TV shows, then Misfit Mod is only for you. With tons of different categories, it covers a wide selection of content making it one of the best Kodi Builds for Firestick. You also get a package deal with add-ons like UK Turks playlist, Cartoons8, StreamHub, and more.

3. No limit magic

It is a top-class build for Kodi, with one of the most comprehensive UI and UX designs out there. It utilizes the Aeon Nox 5 Silvo Skin which provides a phenomenal experience. Although it is updated recently, it includes all the most popular add-ons and trashes the old ones.

4. Schism TV

It is known to be the most customizable build for Kodi. It features the widest array of skins that can easily be switched in and out from the different add-ons. Some of the skins which are available are inlet, SchisM Mimic, SchisM origins, SchisM Eminence, and more. They also provide a library of rich content.

5. Kryptikz ZT

You can explore more videos and stream in several different categories from Movies, Playlist, Recent, Sports, Cartoons, and TV shows straight from the main menu. User-interface is simple and easy to use, it also comes with add-ons for Chinese, Bollywood, and Kollywood, unlike some other builds.


We hope this list gives you all the need and the best builds to enjoy on your Firestick. If you have any best builds, share them with us in the comment section given below.

How to trade with other players in Warframe

Trading in the warframe isn’t simple, but in our guide, we will show you how to get started. Learning how to trade in Warframe is a complicated process.

But the rewards are absolutely worth it if you really know how to trade. You can equip your best weapons, acquire rare blueprints and even you can also earn platinum. The currency in-game can be used for everything from buying warframe directly to purchasing cool cosmetics.

Even if you are just a casual player, knowing how to trade will open up a ton of options to you. Warframe doesn’t have a central auction house, it facilitates the exchanges between players.

How to unlock trading in Warframe?

Before you become a merchant in Warframe, you will need to first reach on to Rank 2 on your profile. You can upgrade rank 2, by leveling up several weapons to level 30. If you are a new player, don’t worry, this takes only a few hours.

Keep in mind that your Mystery rank determines how many transactions you can make in a day. Each player can trade up to a maximum of five items to trade.

You can consider building one of the best builds for warframe to complete your game and trade.

How to trade in Warframe?

Trading in Warframe happens in one of these two locations: A clan dojo or Maroo’s bazaar. The basic steps of trade are listed below:

  • First, find someone you want to buy from & sell to.
  • And decide which player will invite the other to their dojo and then send an invite to them.
  • Once the other player enters your dojo, head to your trading post and selects the player name to open the trading window.
  • Now, enjoy your trade.

What items can you trade?

But some Standard items cant be traded in the game, prime parts in the form of blueprints, platinum, weapons, mods, and relics can all be traded. you can also sell Ayatan stars and sculptures.

Here are some items that you can’t trade:

  • Resources like endo, ferrite, nitain, etc.
  • Regular parts for Warframes.
  • Platinum exchanged for platinum.
  • Prime builds like saryn also can’t be traded.

Final Words:

The main thing to do is buy and sell carefully, also know the value of what you are trading. If you have queries, feel free to contact us.

Best Rainmeter Skins to Customize your PC Appearance

Everyone loves to personalize their office and style it as they wish. The subject you have on the desktop screen seems to be talking about you. There are many ways to customize your desktop with a predefined gadget, widget, screen saver, and backgrounds. We have a list of Rainmeter skins for sites suitable for all types of users.

We should thank Microsoft for allowing us to customize the Windows theme and its options. We hope there is more software that allows us to substantially customize Windows.

But when it comes to achieving complete customization and software editing programs, you can pronounce the name of Rainmeter loud and clear. It features powerful masks, modifiable and easily customizable. Each Rainmeter mask offers dozens of options for adding or removing icons or applications in Windows from the Start menu, screen, clock, email, browser, and network. .

This software is absolutely free and gives you access to all the options available in this tool. There is unimaginable power to make important customizations on the desktop. Because we need it, because we do not like to see the same thing every day, Rainmeter offers fun themes that we can use according to our needs

1. Alice Reworked

Children love these skins because of their appearance. Some of its structures are also unique, as are their features, which include information on tools, indicators and trays with some display options available.

In these appearances, a uTorrent track, an old clock, a music player, weather information, a volume and network control options.

I must say that the author of Alice-Reworked has done everything possible to make their skins more beautiful and easier to use by his fans. Just download and install this fantastic mask.

2. Before dawn

If you are a busy person and don’t want to waste time, Before Dawn is the perfect mask for you, download it and install it. This is one of the simplest Rainmeter masks to configure. It is not necessary to perform an important customization, the main elements are displayed on the screen after adding the mask

You are still not satisfied with the Before Dawn icons that you can change from the menu. All information is displayed on a desktop bar that covers the entire area.

Show the content in a readable view, showing the main programs such as music player, images, social network sites, the large digital clock appears on the front with the operating status of the system. Before Dawn shows the main icon in front of the desktop, click on it and start the program in a secon

3. Metal Gear Rising

This Rainmeter mask is based on a very popular online game, Metal Gear Rising. These are mainly unconditional fans trying to find this mask. Metal Gear Rising is a very neglected mask that contains energy icons.

It has some key features like system status, Internet speed, performance, your Wi-Fi signal strength and the basic application icons from the panel.

4.Tech A

When you look at this mask, you will have the impression of living in the future, a modern Rainmeter mask that stands out but is very adaptable. Tech-A leather is based on the future and contains a very exclusive design.

Only an optimistic future loves this design, I loved this skin. View date and time, processor performance, RAM consumption and weather updates.
In its main features, you can add any website you just set up and click on it from the desktop to open it.

5. Iron Man Jarvis

Everyone likes the idea of ​​becoming an IronMan, but we can’t, here, a mask that can turn our PC into a complete IronMan’s Jarvis. You can have a completely custom design in IronMan and act like a Jarvis. This Rainmeter mask is perfect for IronMan fans and will work perfectly for you.

It has completely customizable elite options, with different components where you can easily change positions. Basic information displayed on a watch, a date, the computer temperature and the status of the hard drive capacity.

Final Words

Rainmeter allows changing the interface of your PC. If you are a person who loves a lot of colors then this is the right choice for you. We have given some of the best Rainmeter screens with description. Hope this article helps you guys in choosing the best rainmeter skins.


5 Best Retro Games That You Can Emulate On Android

Emulation lets you play from almost any video game system in one place. It’s great to relive your favorite games, like cartridges or discs, or discover a cult hit you’ve missed at the peak.

Most of the best Android games are visually stunning titles that show the power of modern phones. However, it is particularly interesting to play retro games on your Android device, especially when you see how small they are compared to more modern titles. Let’s see some fantastic classic games that you can enjoy on your Android device; you can also imitate them on your PC

We’ve already talked a lot about Android emulation, so I won’t go into details. However, since each emulator is slightly different, basic instructions on its configuration will be provided so that the games can begin. For this article, games will be the highlight. If you’ve already had time to set up an emulator, let these games talk.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages

Emulator: My OldBoy! Free | Paid – $4

Preparing my OldBoy! It’s quite simple. There are not many options to confuse you. When you go to the home screen, go to the newly created Game Boy Color (GBC) games folder for easy access. This position will be the default one the next time the application is opened.

Once again, this article is not a complete tutorial on Android emulation. It will be very difficult to explain the options. My old man will be ready to play immediately after installation; The only parameter that can change is the design of the controls. To change it, click on the button in the top right corner of the menu and choose “Drawings”, followed by the pencil icon at the top to change it.

What should happen should be enough for most people, but if you want to change it, you have the chance. If you wish, you can also add several buttons to the screen from this menu, such as the A and B turbo buttons.

The free version of My OldBoy! It only lets you save in the game, which means you can’t use save states to stop anywhere. Also, you can only have one control drawing, one trick enabled at a time and fast forward at 2x speed. However, if you want to recreate a true Game Boy Color experience, the free version will be perfect.

WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! (Game Boy Advance)

Emulator: MyBoy! Free | Paid – $5

Emulator: Nostalgia.NES Free | Paid – $ 2

Myboyf It’s like my OldBoy! except it’s for Game Boy Advance (GBA). The above instructions for the GBC emulator can also be followed to configure the GBA emulator. The design and menus are exactly the same, with the exception of controls and screen resolution. So let’s not waste time explaining the emulator again.

Punch-Out!! (NES)

Emulator: Nostalgia.NES Free | Paid – $2

When you open Nostalgia.NES, it will be your device for ROMs. If it can not find them automatically, just manually show your NES directory, like with the previous ones. Click here for the top-left and choose “Search Directory For ROMs.” Browse to your Emulation folder and have a nice, tidy menu.

There’s a lot of options to get lost in, so the default settings should serve you just fine. If you want to enable an A button, a rewind feature, or change the vibration strength, you can do that in the settings. 

EarthBound (Super Nintendo)

Emulator: Snes9x EX+ Free Only

The menu for Ex + is Spartan. To make your game work, click on “Load Game” and go to the folder you created, which you are used to. Unlike other emulators used, you may not have a list of all your games in the middle, but once played for a title, it is entered in “Recent Games” for easy access. If you want to know more about installing Earthbound check out earthbound emulator.

In the SNES emulator there are more options than others mentioned, but as usual the default settings will work fine. Since there is no paid version of Snes9x EX +, all functions can be changed. If you want to change the screen size or move the buttons, you can do it in the options.

A great feature of this emulator is the automatic backup of the backup status when you leave a game, so you can always pick up the job where you left off, even if you have to stop quickly.

Final words

These are some of the most popular retro games that can be played in Android withe help of emulators. These are really good games back then. Playin these games now will bring the nostalgia of our childhood memories.

What is Xbox? Xbox One vs Xbox 360 comparison

What is Xbox? Xbox One vs Xbox 360 comparison

Hi fellas!!!… Here we go, in this article, we are going to see about Xbox and different Xbox variant comparison. It is hard to choose the best Xbox console for you, so we made it easier for you by listing the types of Xbox with its features and configuration.


Xbox is a video game system developed by Microsoft and it is the best game console device designed to compete with other popular gaming platforms like PS. For easy multiplayer gaming and an ethernet port for fast online gaming, the device comes with four controller ports. It allows gamers to play games online through an internet connection. It also has a DVD player that is fully-featured, that saves space, time and provides an entire fun for the players.

Xbox Variant:

There are two variants of Xbox available currently, Xbox One and Xbox 360. These models are very similar in performance as well as in functions. Both are compatible in streaming content with third-party applications like Kodi. For more details on streaming with Xbox, check out

Coming back to the comparison, we highly recommend you Xbox 360 for its slightest perk in performance. You can go for either Xbox One or 360, but try to avoid Xbox One S.

Xbox One vs Xbox 360:

Xbox One:

Xbox One is the eighth generation of console and launched for $500, with the company pitching it as the ultimate entertainment system. It moved back to the PC’s x86 instruction set. It uses AMD’s customs processing unit. It is generally seen as being slightly weaker than the PS4. The Xbox One removes the ability to swap out the hard drive but allows the users to use an external USB 3.0 to increase drive storage.


  • You can control using Voice commands.
  • Watch live TV via Xbox One.
  • Personalized Home screen.
  • You can record and share your moments.
  • Snap two screens at once.
  • It has its own TV guide.


  • It comes with 500GB hard drive non-replaceable and external hard drive support available.
  • 8GB of Ram and DDR3.
  • 4K audio and 1080p of video.
  • Custom CPU with 8 Core AMD and Frequency of 1.75 GHz.
  • Voice Commands.
  • USB 3.0

Xbox 360:

It is the second gaming console, came with a 20GB hard drive and for $400. Microsoft offers a cheaper model hit for $300. The Xbox 360 moved from the x86 architecture, with triple-core, six thread CPU. It became a popular living room entertainment center. Via an optional add-on accessory it also supports CDs, DVDs, and HD DVD.


  • Supports DVD, CD, jpeg photo cd.
  • It supports 16:9, of 720p and 1080p anti-aliasing.
  • Customizable faceplates to change the appearance.
  • 3 USB of 2.0 ports.
  • Detachable 20gb drive.


  • 3 Symmetrical cores at 3.2ghz.
  • A memory of 512 MB and 700mhz DDR3 ram.
  • 32-bit audio processing.
  • Standard-definition and High-definition video output supported.
  • 3 USB of 2.0 ports.
  • Supports 4 wireless game controllers.


That’s all about the Xbox variants specifications and features. If you still have any queries then you are free to comment below.

What is a Virtual Private Network and how it’s beneficial?

What is a Virtual Private Network and how it’s beneficial?

What is Virtual Private Network?


Modern businesses and companies are constantly expanding their activities to other locations within their country or internationally. The globalization, as well as the fast growth of businesses, imposes the need for faster and reliable communication of different regional offices and branches.The fast, secure and reliable communication is no longer done by old-fashioned means, but using the advancement in the information technology. In order to ensure reliable communication between offices or employees located at different spots, many companies rely on VPN, that is, the Virtual Private Network. If you are interested to learn something more about VPNs, we will try to give you a short insight into this technology.

Similar topics: Advantages of using VPN on Roku

What is Virtual Private Network?

The Virtual Private Network is virtual connection among many users that are virtually connected using the Internet to send and receive information. The information exchanged among users located at many different remote locations is encrypted, ensuring the integrity and the safety of sensitive information. In the past, companies that had regional offices and branches, as well as employees working from home, were connected among themselves using leased lines, most often ISDN lines. Such leased lines were private lines that telecommunication companies leased to their clients. Besides the numerous benefits from leased lines, their price was pretty high, which increased the operating costs of businesses. The prices increased with the increasing of the distance between users and of course, with the increase of the number of users. The VPNs appeared in the IT world as excellent alternative to the expensive leased lines. The VPNs ensured the same amount of safety, reliability and ease of transfer of information among connected users at much lower prices, which actually increased their popularity. Simply put, the VPNs provide option for safe, reliable and fast transfer of encrypted data trough an existing public network, that is, the Internet among several users that are members of the same network. In this manner, businesses reduce their costs related to networking, because they use network that is already existing, at the same time saving money on commutes and transportation.

Virtual Private Network benefits

The benefits of installing Virtual Private Network in your company are multiple. VPNs help businesses that stretch over different geographical locations to ensure safe and reliable exchange of sensitive information, thus reducing operating costs and increasing the efficiency and the performances. Benefits of using VPNs include safe and reliable networking among multiple users located at different geographical spots, avoiding the costs of using expensive leased lines. VPNs ensure safe and reliable exchange of information among users due to the inscription option. VPNs also ensure high level of flexibility, since users can access the private business network using an existing Internet connection from any location in the world. The nature of the VPNs helps businesses save money on commuting and transport, increasing their overall productivity.

What to look for in a Virtual Private Network

Regardless of the size of your business, there are several essential items that you should look in a Virtual Private Network. Your VPN should be secure, which means that although your data are travelling through a public network, they should in no case be publically available. Another important issue is the reliability, which means that your employee should be able to access the network at any point of time and from any location. Finally, scalability, which means that your VPN should be able to keep pace with the growth of your business.

Best Lightweight Document Editor Android Apps


The Office application is a necessary suite that allows you to create powerful spreadsheets, documents, presentations, and more. On a smartphone. In addition, Android desktop applications include cloud integration so you can directly access cloud reports, edit or save them online.

To meet the productivity needs of Android users, Play Store offers an extensive collection of office applications for Android. However, we have avoided reviewing them and providing you with a list of the best desktop applications for Android. All the apps we have chosen are free, although some have the Pro version or additional features available for in-app purchases. You can also check this list if you are looking for alternatives to Microsoft Office for your PC.

1.WPS office:

Formerly known as Kingsoft Office, WPS Office stands for Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheets. It is one of the best Android desktop applications that supports all the features of Microsoft Office needed in mobile systems. The application has a clean and easy-to-use interface where you can create presentation documents, Excel, PDF or complex documents such as MS Word.

This alternative to Microsoft Office for mobile devices includes over forty languages, integrates with EverNote and supports wireless printing. It can open documents from many local sources and access cloud storage providers and back them up. In addition, it also assists in encrypting documents to associate a password with documents.

The only drawback of the app is that it comes with ads and there is no way to escape those advertisements. However, apart from that, the app is available for free and is an indispensable Android office app.

2. Polaris Office:

Polaris Office + PDF is a great free desktop application for Android with an all-in-one feature that lets you view, edit, share, and archive all kinds of documents anytime, anywhere. You can edit Microsoft Office file formats (DOC / DOCX, HWP, PPT / PPTX, TEXT, XLS / XLSX) and view PDF files. You can also send documents, presentations, spreadsheets to a Chromecast from this application.

The application has a simple and intuitive interface that presents bold and friendly menus, easy to use and consistent throughout the application. It also offers its own cloud drive (Polaris Drive) where all documents can be synchronized. In addition, you can even prefer your current cloud storage providers (Google Drive, DropBox, and Amazon Cloud Drive, etc.).

In addition, Polaris allows users to open a document in a compressed Zip file without extracting the file. It has a program that allows you to upload and download documents from a desktop computer to a mobile device. The application supports more than 15 languages and is an excellent alternative for other important office applications.

3. OfficeSuite:

OfficeSuite is more than an office application. It opens all kinds of important files, both in local and network, including cloud services, and even has a synchronized connection function with all your devices. OfficeSuite is compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe PDF documents. It supports all general Microsoft formats (DOC, DOCX, DOCM, XLS, XLSX, XLSM, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, PPTM, PPSM), as well as some document formats and additional desktops like RTF, TXT, ZIP, etc.

4. Docs To Go:

Docs To Go has been around for a long period of time and definitely needs a place in this list This is one of the best and oldest desktop applications for Android available on the market. It has a basic file explorer interface in which you can quickly locate and open documents.

Docs To Go contains all the necessary functions, such as word processing, editing spreadsheets, and editing presentations. It does a great job in allowing you to do these things without additional settings because the application does not require any account sign-in to start and gives you the freedom to save files wherever you are.

you to do these things without additional settings because the application does not require any account sign-in to start and gives you the freedom to save files wherever you are.

5. Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint:

In June 2015, Microsoft released enhanced versions of MS-Word, MS-Excel, and MS-PowerPoint for Android phones. They immediately became one of the best applications with 50 million downloads. These applications are included in “Office Hub” on Windows phones and Android phones. You can download free Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

They have an easy user interface where you can view, edit and create documents anywhere and anytime. It is integrated with OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud service, and DropBox. OneDrive automatically saves all documents written by Office Mobile programs. In addition, the Office Hub main screen displays a list of recent documents stored in OneDrive. The Windows Phone version also allows users to keep files locally on the device This application is excellent to use and are worth trying.

Best Alternative Sites for


Sync-watch websites are in trend with what they can do. You can watch your favorite videos with your loved ones at the same time and watch videos from your phone. Rabbit or is a world-famous synch watch service, originally created as a video chat app for Mac and published in 2013. One can create a chat room or a virtual room where your friends can share the video screen with you, chat and watch videos together.

This site is one of the best to offers this service and offers high quality to all videos. So if the site bores you and you want to try more stuff, it can suggest you some other different post. Now, take a look at the list of sites like offered here and enjoy sharing as you wish!

1. Synatop:

Synatop is a high-quality website like that you can share with your contacts wherever you are. Founded in 2010, the company is headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA. The site is also available as an application that you can easily install on your Android or iOS device. Windows, Linux or Mac
The service is completely free and you can use it to watch movies and TV shows, listen to music or play games. You can also use this site to read books together and request them by creating an account or starting immediately. The main features of the site are control devices, real-time collaboration, video and text chats, games, opening and file management.

2. Together tube:

Together Tube is one of the best sites, like, with all the main features, and more. The site is very friendly. Just paste the chat link and you’re ready to go. The site was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Germany.

A few clicks to start. Share links with as many friends as you want and everyone will have access. Another interesting feature is that you can search for the video you want and play it using the search function. The main services of this site are synchronized player, voting system, the long-distance relations, and the integrated chat system.

3. myCircleTV:

myCircleTV has a neutral interface and is very easy to use. It was founded in 2011 and is based in England. Creating and participating in a chat board is very simple with this site and there is no need to create an account to do it, and it’s completely free.

myCircle.TV also offers a synchronized player and chat option for chatting with your friends. You can also download your videos and share them via chat. The main services of the site are the ability to manage playlists, create or join existing chat rooms and download them for viewing together.

4. Watch Together:

Watch Together lets you share your experiences in real time with your close ones. It’s a good replacement for to watch movies, listen to music and lot more. In fact, you can also shop with this site. It was founded in 2011 and also has its headquarters in Germany.

To start with this, just go to the site and create a free room where you can share links with loved ones. Use Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or anything else you want to share. The main features of the site are the ability to create playlists, order something from Amazon and watch in Vimeo, YouTube, SoundCloud and much more.

5. Bla Tube:

Bla Tube has many functions similar to You can create rooms and then stream videos to watch videos with your friends. With a very good user interface and high quality, this has become very popular over time.

It also has a mobile app to share everything right away. You can share videos from all the top sites, such as YouTube or Dropbox, and there’s even a channel option that gives the user total control over the activities in their room, a unique feature of BlaTube. If you are new to the site and feel a little hesitant, the site also offers you a list of active rooms where you can join in one click.

So these are some of the best alternatives for All these works similar to and has a good user interface. Hope this article helps you in streaming your favorite videos with your friends.