What is a Virtual Private Network and how it’s beneficial?

What is Virtual Private Network?


Modern businesses and companies are constantly expanding their activities to other locations within their country or internationally. The globalization, as well as the fast growth of businesses, imposes the need for faster and reliable communication of different regional offices and branches.The fast, secure and reliable communication is no longer done by old-fashioned means, but using the advancement in the information technology. In order to ensure reliable communication between offices or employees located at different spots, many companies rely on VPN, that is, the Virtual Private Network. If you are interested to learn something more about VPNs, we will try to give you a short insight into this technology.

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What is Virtual Private Network?

The Virtual Private Network is virtual connection among many users that are virtually connected using the Internet to send and receive information. The information exchanged among users located at many different remote locations is encrypted, ensuring the integrity and the safety of sensitive information. In the past, companies that had regional offices and branches, as well as employees working from home, were connected among themselves using leased lines, most often ISDN lines. Such leased lines were private lines that telecommunication companies leased to their clients. Besides the numerous benefits from leased lines, their price was pretty high, which increased the operating costs of businesses. The prices increased with the increasing of the distance between users and of course, with the increase of the number of users. The VPNs appeared in the IT world as excellent alternative to the expensive leased lines. The VPNs ensured the same amount of safety, reliability and ease of transfer of information among connected users at much lower prices, which actually increased their popularity. Simply put, the VPNs provide option for safe, reliable and fast transfer of encrypted data trough an existing public network, that is, the Internet among several users that are members of the same network. In this manner, businesses reduce their costs related to networking, because they use network that is already existing, at the same time saving money on commutes and transportation.

Virtual Private Network benefits

The benefits of installing Virtual Private Network in your company are multiple. VPNs help businesses that stretch over different geographical locations to ensure safe and reliable exchange of sensitive information, thus reducing operating costs and increasing the efficiency and the performances. Benefits of using VPNs include safe and reliable networking among multiple users located at different geographical spots, avoiding the costs of using expensive leased lines. VPNs ensure safe and reliable exchange of information among users due to the inscription option. VPNs also ensure high level of flexibility, since users can access the private business network using an existing Internet connection from any location in the world. The nature of the VPNs helps businesses save money on commuting and transport, increasing their overall productivity.

What to look for in a Virtual Private Network

Regardless of the size of your business, there are several essential items that you should look in a Virtual Private Network. Your VPN should be secure, which means that although your data are travelling through a public network, they should in no case be publically available. Another important issue is the reliability, which means that your employee should be able to access the network at any point of time and from any location. Finally, scalability, which means that your VPN should be able to keep pace with the growth of your business.

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