What is Xbox? Xbox One vs Xbox 360 comparison

Hi fellas!!!… Here we go, in this article, we are going to see about Xbox and different Xbox variant comparison. It is hard to choose the best Xbox console for you, so we made it easier for you by listing the types of Xbox with its features and configuration.


Xbox is a video game system developed by Microsoft and it is the best game console device designed to compete with other popular gaming platforms like PS. For easy multiplayer gaming and an ethernet port for fast online gaming, the device comes with four controller ports. It allows gamers to play games online through an internet connection. It also has a DVD player that is fully-featured, that saves space, time and provides an entire fun for the players.

Xbox Variant:

There are two variants of Xbox available currently, Xbox One and Xbox 360. These models are very similar in performance as well as in functions. Both are compatible in streaming content with third-party applications like Kodi. For more details on streaming with Xbox, check out kodixbox.com.

Coming back to the comparison, we highly recommend you Xbox 360 for its slightest perk in performance. You can go for either Xbox One or 360, but try to avoid Xbox One S.

Xbox One vs Xbox 360:

Xbox One:

Xbox One is the eighth generation of console and launched for $500, with the company pitching it as the ultimate entertainment system. It moved back to the PC’s x86 instruction set. It uses AMD’s customs processing unit. It is generally seen as being slightly weaker than the PS4. The Xbox One removes the ability to swap out the hard drive but allows the users to use an external USB 3.0 to increase drive storage.


  • You can control using Voice commands.
  • Watch live TV via Xbox One.
  • Personalized Home screen.
  • You can record and share your moments.
  • Snap two screens at once.
  • It has its own TV guide.


  • It comes with 500GB hard drive non-replaceable and external hard drive support available.
  • 8GB of Ram and DDR3.
  • 4K audio and 1080p of video.
  • Custom CPU with 8 Core AMD and Frequency of 1.75 GHz.
  • Voice Commands.
  • USB 3.0

Xbox 360:

It is the second gaming console, came with a 20GB hard drive and for $400. Microsoft offers a cheaper model hit for $300. The Xbox 360 moved from the x86 architecture, with triple-core, six thread CPU. It became a popular living room entertainment center. Via an optional add-on accessory it also supports CDs, DVDs, and HD DVD.


  • Supports DVD, CD, jpeg photo cd.
  • It supports 16:9, of 720p and 1080p anti-aliasing.
  • Customizable faceplates to change the appearance.
  • 3 USB of 2.0 ports.
  • Detachable 20gb drive.


  • 3 Symmetrical cores at 3.2ghz.
  • A memory of 512 MB and 700mhz DDR3 ram.
  • 32-bit audio processing.
  • Standard-definition and High-definition video output supported.
  • 3 USB of 2.0 ports.
  • Supports 4 wireless game controllers.


That’s all about the Xbox variants specifications and features. If you still have any queries then you are free to comment below.

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